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Retail Label Printing Scale – CAS CL3000

Our versatile, easy-to-operate scales, ideal for wholesale stores, butchers, green grocers and supermarkets.

NRCS  approved for use in Legal Metrology in South Africa:  Approval number: SA1621 AA0

Retail Label Printing Scale -CAS CL3000


The all new CL3000 Label Printing Scale.

Ideal for use in any markets, from grocery stores, butcher shops, and large supermarkets. Crisp, easy to read displays set the CL3000 Label Printing Scale ahead of the competition.

The CAS CL3000 offers a powerful feature set at a very affordable price.

Whatever your store size or needs, the CAS CL3000 Label Printer scale can handle any department.

We offer both Bench or Pole model configurations  for the CAS CL3000 Scale.

The CL3000 display features wider viewing angles to deliver bright, crisp text and supports a scrolling message bar which is suitable for displaying item names or promotional messages.

72 PLU Keys and 35 (Bench model) / 36 (Pole model) Function Keys are available. For convenience, the CL3000 Label Printing Scale can store up to 10,000 PLUs and 1,000 Ingredients (512byte)
Quickly transfer PLU data via Wi-Fi or RS-232C for scale to computer or computer to scale.

The CAS CL3000 models have a two-line green/orange back light liquid crystal display (LCD).  The one line on the display features alphanumeric information such as commodity description while the second line on the display shows numeric information such as price and PLU number.

The Label Printing Scale can be free-formatted to take various thermal label sizes and designs. Max width is 60mm and length is 135mm.

Key Specifications

(Dual Range)