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January 25, 2019
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January 26, 2019
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Retail Label Printing Scale – Ishida Uni-9

Our versatile, easy-to-operate scales, ideal for wholesale stores, butchers, green grocers and supermarkets.

NRCS  approved for use in Legal Metrology in South Africa:  Approval number: SA1451 AA13

Retail Label Printing Scale – ISHIDA UNI-5

The UNI-9’s combination of a PC-BASED platform, SSD memory and a stunning crystal sharp LED display brings to life the operator and customer interaction.

Retail Label Printing Scale has high accuracy, max 15kg with dual range increments 2/5g and a small footprint to fit on narrow counters.

The Ishida Uni-9 Scale Label Printer has the option to have the load receptor platform standing away from the display unit either with cable (up to 2m ) or  with

optional Wi-Fi (up to 5m). The Uni-9 has either 7” or 12.1” colour displays on both sides to offer full video playback to customers for movies, pictures, sound or web browser.

Networking is by Ethernet and SLP5 back office PC software is available for handling of data and reporting functions.

The Ishida Uni-9 Scale Label Printer is perfect for wholesale stores, butcher shops, deli counters, grocery stores, fish departments, health food stores, and supermarkets of all sizes.

Whatever your store size or needs, the Ishida Uni-9 Scale Label Printer can handle any department.

We offer both Bench or Pole model configurations  for the Ishida Uni-9 Scale. A self-service option is available on this model.

The printer can be formatted to take various standard thermal label sizes, designs and linerless paper with images and QR codes. Max label width is 60mm and length is 200mm.

Key Specifications

(Dual Range)