Micro S29 No1-weight only portion scale
Weight only Portion Scale – Micro S29
October 20, 2018
Industrial Platform Scale Micro T7E
Industrial Platform Scale -Micro T7E
October 20, 2018
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Weight only Portion Scale – Ishida IPC-WP

The Ishida IPC-WP is a high quality compact portable scale for wash down environments that require Legal Metrology certification. It features a large easy to read LCD display and uses 2 x Dry Cell D-Type batteries with up to 500 hour operation for fully waterproof functionality.

NRCS approved for use in Legal Metrology in South Africa: Approval number: SA1356


Scale specifications:

  • Compact portable scale for wash down environments.
  • Tare and Zero Function.
  • Platter size: 229 x 196mm

 Key Specifications

 3kg  |  6kg  | 15kg
 1g    |   2g  |    5g