About us

We have been servicing our clients for over 23 YEARS WITH A PROVEN TRACK RECORD and are distributors of a wide RANGE OF QUALITY SCALE BRANDS and are able to select the IDEAL PRODUCT for YOUR weighing requirements from various manufacturers which include: ISHIDA, ADAM, MICRO, SHEKEL, T-SCALE, LMI AND GALLAGHER just to name a few.

We trace our roots back to 1990 when Scaletronic Enterprises was established in East London, Eastern Cape. The company had tremendous growth over this period and eventually merged with another local scale company and the decision was taken to rename this merger and to form a new entity namely Border Scales cc which was formally registered in 1996. Border Scales cc was named for the geographical area we operate in, the Border region of the Eastern Cape and former Transkei State. Our philosophy has always been to place quality and service at the forefront of all our dealings and to consider our clients satisfaction and recommendation as invaluable to our business growth. Although we still focus on servicing the Border and Eastern Cape region, we will gladly ship equipment to any region in South Africa.



Border Scales is accredited to verify digital weighing instruments to be used in Legal Metrology by the NRCS and SANAS within the scope of 3kg to 3000kg. It is important to know that any scale used for pre-packing purposes or where items are bought or sold by weight over a scale, it must be of an approved type passed by the NRCS and have a valid verification, Legal Metrology Certificate which is valid for a 24 month period or you will be guilty of an offense by contravening the Legal Metrology Act, Act 9 of 2014.




With over 23 years’ experience in the industry we provide sales and support for an extensive range of high quality scales and weighing equipment for virtually every weighing need such as Laboratory, Medical, Retail, Industrial, Livestock etc.


Our trained and skilled technicians will service, calibrate and repair all equipment we sell. We offer in-house training on all new equipment installations. Border Scales is accredited by SANAS and NRCS to perform Legal Metrology Verification of scales used in trade within our scope of 3kg to 3000kg.


When customers require specific frames, platform sizes or modifications, we will manufacture to their requirements.


Ethernet or Wi-Fi networking, for point of sales scales and integration of our retail label printing scales to most retail back office servers to manage scale data for real time price changes and sales production totals.


Sales of thermal labels for back office printers and retail bar-code label printing scales. We also offer a range of promotional and shelf edge labels.