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January 26, 2019
Abattoir Scale – Micro A12E Overhead Track
January 26, 2019
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Automatic Tray Wrapping Machine – Ishida WM-Ai-AS1

Our automatic tray wrappers eliminate the need for manual hand wrapping, greatly easing the pressure on your workforce and helping you keep costs down. Our systems has the power for fast tray production without compromising seal integrity, in time for opening hours or before peak customer periods, giving a precise, uniform finish every time.

Fully automatic machine, which is equipped with a weighing, wrapping and labeling system. The materials (plastic, stainless steel) ensure the high hygienic operation prescribed for food environments.

WM-Ai has a compact design which allows you to fit this machine into almost any processing area. Combines high speed and dynamic film stretching for a superior backroom operation. The machines are designed so that they can be integrated into production lines in food processing plants, in meat and poultry processing plants or even in large packing centers in hypermarkets.

NRCS  approved for use in Legal Metrology in South Africa:  Approval number: SA1512 AA3

Automatic Tray Wrapping Machine – Ishida WM-Ai-AS1

  • Quick, robust meat tray wrapping.  Weigh, wrap and label up to 35 packs per minute.
  • Effective, intelligently designed functions that prevent errors, such as a mechanism that prevents tray tip-over.
  • Ensures correct tray positioning and sets the correct wrapping conditions.
  • Loads single width of film wrap with centering.
  • Cost-saving pack methods, with linerless labels that can be cut to specified sizes. 
  • Variable speed in-feed.
  • Film pre-stretch function.
  • Front loading of film with auto set.
  • Adjustable touchscreen viewing angle.
  • Large LCD color touchscreen.
  • 19 tactile keys.
  • Static TCP/IP Ethernet communication.
  • Dual-range weighing.
  • Robotic label applicator with user selectable positioning.
  • Stores and prints graphics for custom labeling.
  • Safe handling instructions, country of origin, and more.
  • Takes a large 225mm label roll and 75mm thermal head.
  • 2 GB memory

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