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October 22, 2021
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Retail Label Printing Scale – Ishida Uni-3 L2 Linerless

Our versatile, easy-to-operate scales, ideal for wholesale stores, butchers, green grocers and supermarkets.

NRCS  approved for use in Legal Metrology in South Africa:  Approval number: SA1451 AA4

Retail Label Printing Scale – ISHIDA UNI-3 L2 Linerless

The Ishida Uni-3 L2 Scale Label Printer Scale is the latest scale from Ishida.  The Ishida Uni-3 L2 offers a powerful feature set at a very affordable price.

Basically it features a continuous, adhesive backed thermal label which is cut to length based on the amount of information that needs to be printed for each product e.g. ingredient information or cooking instructions etc.

Networking is by Ethernet and SLP5 back office PC software and is available for handling of data and reporting functions.

The Ishida Uni-3 L2 Scale Label Printer is perfect for wholesale stores, butcher shops, deli counters, grocery stores, fish departments, health food stores, and supermarkets of all sizes.

Whatever your store size or needs, the Ishida Uni-3 L2 Scale Label Printer can handle any department.

We offer both Bench or Pole model configurations  for the Ishida Uni-3 L2 Scale.

The Ishida Uni-3 L2 models have a two-line green/orange back-lit liquid crystal display (LCD).  The one line on the display features alphanumeric information such as commodity description while the second line on the display shows numeric information such as price and PLU number.

The advantages of linerless scales are truly limitless, besides for the obvious fact of being eco-friendly, they also save you money in the long run.

Integration into your current back office or POS system is possible through ethernet links to your back office. Scale software installed on the back office computers make managing your product prices and printable ingredients a breeze.

The linerless label with zero backing paper enhances the environmentally friendly image and responsibility we strive for. Linerless paper offers variable print lengths based on information quantity.

Key Specifications

(Dual Range)