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January 24, 2019
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Labels – Pre-printed

  • Pre-printed Thermal Scale Labels are for clients who want to personalize their printing scale labels by adding colour, logo’s or their store branding. These are manufactured and printed using high quality food grade inks. These labels are used in printing scales for printing of product description, ingredients, weight and price. We will gladly assist in the design of your personalized labels.

  • Made from high quality top coated thermal paper that will not damage the print heads on your equipment.

  • Price label printing scales for grocery stores, bakeries, vegetable markets, butcheries and many other industries that require weight labeling scales.

  • Used by many printing scale brands.

  • We have the complete solution for label-printing scales, point of sale cash register scales,  portion control scales etc.



Pre-printed Personalized Thermal Label Sizes

40 x 30      (1000 on a roll)
40 x 46      ( 700 on a roll)
40 x 53      ( 800 on a roll)
49 x 37      (1000 on a roll)
58 x 43      ( 500 on a roll)
60 x 55      ( 750 on a roll)
60 x 96      ( 450 on a roll)
100 x 150  ( 500 on a roll)