Load cell – Zemic HM2D4 – ULP Equivalent
January 24, 2019
Labels – Pre-printed
January 24, 2019
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Labels – Promotional

The right promotional product labels can help your products get across a strong message and distinguish your brand. Whether you’re running a targeted promotion, testing a new market, or preparing for a big event, our custom labels help you drive sales and stay top of mind.

Full colour labels for transport and logistics, chemical identification, food and beverage products, fresh produce, healthcare products and many more industries.

Manufacturers look to graphic designers to design a label that will best suit their product and will attract the consumer and ultimately purchase their product over their rivals.

A well printed label will not only attract the consumer but will also bring value to the brand. We at Border Scales only supply top quality affordable labels for our customers. No matter what industry, shape or size if you have a label that needs printing look no further. We will help with designing your labels.



Promotional Labels

Butchers Choice Beef -45 x 99 (1000)
Butchers Choice Pork -45 x 99 (1000)
Butchers Choice Lamb -45 x 99 (1000)
Butchers Choice Mutton -45 x 99 (1000)
Butchers Choice Chicken-45 x 99  1000)
Special Offer -23 x 65 (1000)
Freshly Minced – 58 x 43 (1000)
On Promotion – 58 x 30 (1000)